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За рулем. С хитами от X-Zibit (2011)
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01. Give
02. Mirror
03. Made To Fall
04. Forget
05. Hate
06. Promise
07. This Time
08. In The Middle
09. Whispers
10. Simple Doubt
11. Track 26
12. Snoop Dogg - Bitch Please (Feat. Xzibit)
13. Hey Now (Mean Muggin)
14. Lax
15. Fight The Power
16. Get Your Groove On
17. If You Want This Money (Feat. Puff Daddy)
18. Real Niggaz (Feat. Too Short And Jay. Z)
19. Party O'Damascus (Feat. Lil' Kim And Wyclef Jean)
20. Daddy (Feat. Kelis And Junkie)
21. Show 'N Prove (Feat. Inspectah Deck)
22. Biscuits
23. Revenge (Feat. Timbo King And Cappadonna)
24. We Made It (Ft. Superb And Ghostface Killah)
25. Elevation
26. Against All Odds (Feat. Flipmode Squad And Busta Rhymes)
27. Are You Ready
28. The Power (Ft. Loxx And Puff Daddy)
29. Ghetto Children (Feat. Kelis And Junkie)
30. It'S A Party (Feat. Zhane And Busta Rhymes)
31. The Pledge (Feat. Ashanti, Ja Rule And 2pac)
32. Celebrate (Feat. Wyclef Jean)
33. My Peeps (Feat. Nana)
34. I Remember
35. Gangsta Shit (Feat.Puff Daddy Lil' Kim)
36. What'S Going On (Feat. Beat System)
37. The Story (Feat. Rng)
38. Lucean Le Stelle
39. X
40. Paparazzi
41. Why (Feat. Nana)
42. That'S The Way Life Goes
43. It Ain'T The Money (Feat. Macy Gray)
44. Hit'Em (Feat. Coolio)
45. Roll With Me
46. Warrant (Feat. Bubba Sparxx)
47. Party Crasher
48. One Minute Man (Feat. Missy Elliott)
49. Can You Dig It
50. Seniorita (Feat. Puff Daddy)
51. Beep Me 911 (Feat. Missy Elliott)
52. Nature Of Business

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