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Клубный Рай (2012)
1-02-2012, 18:03 Комментарии(0)
001. Andrea T Mendoza - Get Dat Love (Love Club Mix)
002. Itaka - La Danza To Ibiza (Zumpa Remix)
003. Sak Noel - Paso (The Nini Anthem)
004. Wawa feat. Eddie Amador - The After Party 2011 (Matush Remix)
005. Dev - Dancing In The Dark (Martin Volt, Le Que & RJX Vocal Mix)
006. Avicii - Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Club Mix)
007. Dave Aude - Lie To Ourselves (Inphinity & Kalendr Remix)
008. Jo Cappa,Tony Bezares - Lets Do It Again More (Kike Bronchal Remix)
009. Darren Correa & Mehrbod Feat. Maya Sega - Over You (Fred Pellichero & Laurent Pepper Remix)
010. Seb Fontaine, Tasita D'mour, Vern - Beat In Your Bones (So Called Scumbags Remix)
011. Chanson, ArvII G & Inmado - Everytime (Mark Simmons Remix)
012. Alex Sayz - Faces (Original Club Mix)
013. Chris Sadler - Brassed Off (Martin Trax Remix)
014. DJ Licious - Africa featuring Billie (Extended)
015. Fadi - Ticket To The Sky (Original Mix)
016. Gas Di Fede, KTF - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Riccardo Piparo Mix)
017. Ivan Project and B Vivant - Can't Get Enough (Ricardo Reyna and Sebastien Rebels Remix)
018. Magic Solutions - Lilly Was Here (Club Mix)
019. Vision feat. Laila Adele - This Is My Life (S69 Big Room Mix)
020. Will Young - Jealousy (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
021. Che Jose Ft. Sharon Muscat - Leave Me Lonely (Loverush UK! Mix)
022. Desperado and Play and Win - Inside I Want You (Stereo Palma Remix)
023. El Zigeuner Feat. KC - Please Don't Go (Stereo Palma Remix)
024. Francesco Gomez feat. Lety - I Get No Sleep (Original Vocal Mix)
025. Danny Dove feat. Abigail Bailey - Where Love Lives (Original Mix)
026. The 8th Note - U Got 2 Be There (Quake Remix)
027. Leona Lewis - Collide (Afrojack Festival Remix)
028. Robbie Rivera feat. Laura Vane - In Too Deep (Pink Fluid Mix)
029. Offer Nissim Feat. Epiphony - Heaven In Your Eyes (Original Mix)
030. Andreas Thiessen & Michael Schendel Feat. Leandro Costa - Touch The Sky
031. Roger Sanchez, Baggi Begovic feat. Mitch Crown - This Is House (Main Mix)
032. Dinka - On The Beach (Idriss Chebak Fake Music Rework)
033. Melanie Morena feat. Andy P. - How We Gonna Live (Muzzaik Remix)
034. Dave Aude & Tall Paul feat. Sisely Treasure - Common Ground (DJ Dan Remix)
035. Frank Raven - Days Of Glory (Way & Beyond Remix)
036. Martin Villeneuve feat. Les Boyz - Heart Beat (Martin Villeneuve Green Light Mix)
037. Bass Kleph, Chris Arnott, Bkca - We Feel Love (Original Club Mix)
038. Castellon - Perfect World (Brown Sugar Kid Shakers Remix)
039. DJ Obek ft Ambush - Craissy (Albert Neve & Chuckie 4Ibiza Remix)
040. Hannah - Call My Name (DBN Extended Mix)
041. Jai Alexander and Sarah - Lovers Night (Extended Mix)
042. Marc Van Linden feat. Amanda Wilson - Gotta Let You Go (CJ Stone Remix)
043. Spirit Tag - Falling In To You (Original Mix)
044. The Good Men - Give It Up (2011 Edit)
045. Brown Sugar & Kid Shakers - Jump To It feat Angie Brown (Original Mix)
046. Chocolate Puma - Learning (2011 Edit)
047. Gary Caos - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) feat. Maya (Original Jam Mix)
048. HMC (Hannah & Miami Calling) - When The Sun Comes Down (Robbie Rivera Juicy Dub)
049. Joao Pereira - Miracle feat. Susana Santos (Angel Caoma Remix)
050. Mikael Weermets & Audible ft Max C - Free (Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman Remix)
051. Sissoko Vs. Walter Master J - Party On The Beach (Sergio Mauri Remix)
052. Coldplay - Every Teardrop (eSQUIRE Vs. OFFBeat Remix)
053. Mr. P!nk ft. Nicole Tyler - Feel So Good (Orginal Mix)
054. Alaa feat. Hedvig - Keep Believing (Alex Lamb Remix)
055. Denis The Menace, Markus Binapfl feat. Rachele - Sunshine In My Heart
056. Future Funk - Wildberry Tracks (eSQUIRE vs Di Scala Remix)
057. Jean Claude Ades & Sam Obernik - Work Of Art (LowKiss Remix)
058. Kid Shakers, Brown Sugar - Jump To It feat. Angie Brown (David Penn & Rober Gaez Remix)
059. Laurent Delkiet ft. Jenna Donnelly - Taking Me Over (Chris Kaeser Remix)
060. Massimo Santucci & Tony Esposito - Kalimba (Extended Mix)
061. Richard Dinsdale, Sam Obernik & Hook N Sling - Edge Of The Eart (Original Mix)
062. Speedboats & Big Explosions Feat Marcie - Hazel Eyes (Viktor Fox Remix)
063. Twill & Yohanne Simon - Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Club Remix)
064. Yasmeen & Danism - Rise (Main Mix)
065. Antonyo & Andreas feat. Kasa Juli - I Believe (Original Mix)
066. Blush feat. Snoop Dogg - Undivided (Morgan Page Extended Remix)
067. Crazibiza - Eastchester (Crazy Mix)
068. Dabruck & Klein feat. Julian Smith - The Flavour (Gregori Klosman Vocal Mix)
069. Etienne Ozborne, Zoltan Kontes Feat. Polina Griffith - I Really Want To Say (Original Mix)
070. Ava Rocks - Still Rave About You (Michael Mind Project Remix)
071. Hokkaido - Sigh For The Beauty feat Debbie Digital (Club Mix)
072. Jim Tonique, Patrick Bryze - Better World 2011 (Tujamo Club Mix)
073. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Let The Beat Hit 'Em (Benny Royal & Dennis Van Der Geest Remix)
074. Mauro Del Principe feat. Adam Clay - Be Myself (DJ Castello vs. Crystal Juice Remix)
075. Vicente Belenguer, Blas Marin feat Ivan X - On The Line (Original Mix)
076. Stan Crown - Get In House (Original Mix)
077. Alex Stadler, Tom Wax - Welcome Back (Boogie Pimps Remix)
078. David Guetta & Afrojack feat. Carmen - Pandemonium (Original Mix)
079. Jorge Martin S. & Mike Leon - Simplify (Lob & Tadel Remix)
080. Promonova - Love So Strong (Original Mix)
081. Drilla - Wrong Name (Original Mix)
082. Andy S & Raffaell Ft. Lauren Rose - Wannabee (Original Mix)
083. DJ Falaska - Nobody (P.R.P. Remix)
084. Florence & The Machine - You Got The Love (eSQUIRE vs OFFBeat Intro Mix)
085. Global Deejays - Freakin' Out (DK Mix)
086. Jerry Ropero & Stefan Gruenwald & Monica Moss - Canta (Extended Mix)
087. Kalwi & Remi Ft. Amanda Wilson - You & I (The Winners Vocal Remix)
088. Ola - All Over The World (Cahill Club Mix)
089. Patrick Hagenaar - Double Kross (Original Mix)
090. Radiovinyl - Now Is My Religion (Original Mix)
091. Sebastian Krieg - Where Love Lives Feat. Natalie Peris (Jorge Montia & Juan Diaz Remix )
092. Robert Abigail and DJ Rebel feat. The Gibson Brothers - Cuba (Extended Mix)
093. The Partysquad & When Harry Met Sally - For Your Love feat Caprice (Hitmeister D Remix)
094. Spanglish - Fiesta 2011 feat. Carmen Sherry (Original Re-Edit)
095. Truelove - Let's Party (Original Mix)
096. Spider & Jon Flores - Dance With Me (Majorkings Remix)
097. Jesse Garcia Ft. Corey Andrew - Stormy Weather (Original Mix)
098. Analog People In A Digital World feat. Sam Obernik - Liar (Gramophonedzie Unexpected Remix)
099. Dr. Kucho & Hannah - The Island Of Love (Original Mix)
100. Philip Mayer feat. Justyna Sprawka - Kiss & Sex (Extended Mix)
101. David Penn feat. Sheilah Cuffy - Scream 4 Love (John Jacobsen & Anzwer Remix)
102. Frank Caro - Breathe featuring Amanda (Adria Alemany Remix Contest Winner)
103. Kitten The Hip - Dont You Worry (Nathan C Remix)
104. Shena, Darryl Green - When Love Breaks Down (Original Mix)
105. Vicente Belenguer, T.Tommy - Illusion feat. Patrizze (Vicente Belenguer Remix)
106. Dim Chris Ft. Amanda Wilson - You Found Me (Promise Land Miami 305 Mix)
107. Marcus Knight feat. Hitfinders - I Can't Get Enough (Original Club Mix)
108. Felice - The Way feat Ola (Erick Decks Remix)
109. Dirty Impact, Royal XTC Feat. Chris Antonio - I'm Always Here (Manuel De La Mare Remix)
110. Agent Greg feat. Abigail Bailey - Body & Soul (Consoul Trainin Remix)
111. Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels feat. Shawnee Taylor - L.O.V.E. (Mikael Weermets Remix)
112. Manuel Baccano - Out Of Touch (Extended Mix)
113. Sound Of One - I Know A Place (Jack Smeraglia Remix)
114. Wallem Brothers Ft. Max'C - Could This Be (Jay Adams Remix)
115. Christian Hard - Here We Are (Club Mix)
116. Dune vs. Alesso - Heiress Of Valentina (Jean Elan Remix)
117. Quivver Ft. Cari Golden - Happy (Redroche Mix)
118. Sergio Galoyan feat. Tamra Keenan - Knowing You (Original Mix)
119. Ruben Alvarez & Yves Murasca - All The Same feat. Gran Purismo (Soulgangsters Remix)
120. Ralph Good Ft. Polina Griffith - S.O.S. (Original Mix)

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