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Hot Chocolate - The Best Of (2012)
5-03-2012, 22:09 Комментарии(0)
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01. Touch The Night
02. Every 1's A Winner (Groove mix)
03. What Kinda Boy You're Looking For (Girl)
04. Chances
05. One Nights Not Enough
06. Going Through The Motions
07. Brother Louie
08. Sexy Carribean Girl
09. Jeannie
10. Losing You
11. So You Win Again
12. Love Is A Good Thing
13. I Just Love What You're Doing
14. I'm Gonna Make You Feel Like A Woman
15. Stay With Me
16. Emotion Explosion
17. Put Your Love In Me

01. Are You Getting Enough Happiness
02. You Sexy Thing
03. Gotta Give Up Your Love
04. It Started With A Kiss
05. I Gave You My Heart (Didn't I?)
06. No Doubt About It
07. Seventeen Years Of Age
08. Mystery
09. You Could’ve Been A Lady
10. Funky Rock'N'Roll
11. Every 1's A Winner
12. Emma
13. Sex Appeal
14. You Sexy Thing (Remix)
15. Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac
16. Man To Man
17. Tears On The Telephone
18. Don't Stop It Now
19. I'm Sorry
20. Cheri Babe

01. Girl Crazy
02. Makin' Music
03. Disco Queen
04. Living On A Shoe String
05. Runaway Girl
06. Rumours
07. Amazing Skin Song
08. I’ll Put You Together Again
09. Lay Me Down
10. A Love Like Yours
11. Dance (Get Down To It)
12. Love's Coming On Strong
13. Night Ride
14. A Warm Smile
15. Love Is The Answer One More Time

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