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Internet Download Accelerator
11-04-2010, 20:31 Комментарии(0)
Нашли ошибку? Changes in Version 5.8 - April 9, 2010:
- Now Internet Download Accelerator is free for non-commercial use. If you want to get the advantages of the IDA PRO or use the IDA for commercial purposes you must buy the IDA PRO license.;
- Improved Windows 7 compatibility;
- Added support for metalink format;
- Improved download interception from Firefox, Opera and Chrome;
- Added Remote Download plug-in;
- Improved download from video services;
- IDABar for Mozilla Firefox now supports download of any stream video;
- Improved Firefox plug-in;
- Improved needed disk space detection algorithm if there is a lack of free space;
- Added warning message if external drive used for saving a file is disconnected while download is in progress;
- Improved FTP download with mirrors;
- Improved display of UTF-encoded links and Unicode detection when extracting file name from URL;
- Improved download from SourceForge;
- Added new options to plug-in interface;
- Fixed bug with FLV-player in Firefox;
- Added detection of various types of FLV content and forming correct file extension;
- On Windows Vista and above the system Downloads folder is chosen as default;
- Improved archive download;
- Added option Open Folder... from the tray pop-up menu after download completion;
- Added plug-ins for Internet Explorer and Firefox allowing to add files for remote download with one click;
- Improved interface for adding multiple downloads, when readding a number of downloads they are treated as a group;
- Simplified getting new download link in case the site returned an html page. Automatic link replacement if the link is dragged onto the floating window or copied to the clipboard;
- Added convenient link, path and search queries navigation with Ctrl + -> and Ctrl +бесплатно модули и шаблоны для dle
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